Ministry Updates

Pan y Peces

March 2020

June 2017

There’s a certain joy that bubbles up when the thing that you have envisioned for so long finally becomes a reality, and that is exactly what has happened for us in these recent months.!

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August 2016

We continue to move forward, focusing on discipleship with the men during Tuesday morning breakfast...

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January 2016

We have learned, and now aim to make ourselves available to walk alongside people in an intimate way, seeking to be a part of their daily lives.

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October 2015

The culture and people that we work with day in and day out is one deeply rooted in the belief of these traditions and “celebrations” for their redemption.

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July 2015

For a while now, our desire has been to open a cafe through the church as a means of ministry and opportunity in the neighborhood, and we are getting close!

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December 2014

As we look ahead we ask you to consider investing in this ministry as we seek to reach the lost and establish a Bible-teaching church.

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September 2014

Seeing Tito melt as he saw his bride walk down the aisle, I thought of the wedding as a picture of our own relationship with Lord.

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August 2014

As we see the growth and the fruit of the labor, we are also seeing more opportunity for ministry.

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June 2014

We know that any time we step out to do the Lord’s work we are going to experience opposition.

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February 2014

This past month we found a place to rent for the church and immediately got to work...

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